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 (drŏp′wôrt′, -wûrt′)
A Eurasian plant (Filipendula vulgaris syn. F. hexapetala) in the rose family, having finely divided leaflets and clusters of small white flowers.


1. (Plants) a Eurasian rosaceous plant, Filipendula vulgaris, with finely divided leaves and clusters of white or reddish flowers. See also meadowsweet1
2. (Plants) water dropwort any of several umbelliferous marsh plants of the genus Oenanthe, with umbrella-shaped clusters of white flowers


(ˈdrɒpˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt)

a European plant, Filipendula vulgaris, of the rose family, bearing small scentless white or reddish flowers.
knoldet mjødurt
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Carex humilis 30, Festuca callieri 20, Filipendula vulgaris 10, Medicago falcata 10, Thymus cherlerioides 10, Teucrium chamaedrys 5, Trifolium ambiguum 5, Bromopsis taurica 3, Alopecurus vaginatus 3, Thymus roegneri 3, Hypericum linarioides 2, Allium rupestre 1, Alyssum repens subsp.
The typical sub-association of Filipendula vulgaris-Helictotrichon pratense was not present in the study area, and the typical character species Helictotrichon pratense, Filipendula vulgaris, and Fragaria viridis were very rare.
Blodyn arall sydd yma ydi'r grogedau (Filipendula vulgaris; dropwort) hufennog ond doedd hwn ddim wedi agor yn llawn eto.

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