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A Filipino woman or girl. See Usage Note at Latina1.

[Spanish filipina, feminine of filipino, Filipino; see Filipino.]

Fil′i·pi′na adj.


(ˌfɪl əˈpi nə)
n., pl. -nas.
a girl or woman who is a native or inhabitant of the Phillipines.
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Singer Kiana Valenciano, former Miss Earth Jamie Herrell, and five other Filipina models were forbidden from walking the runway during the opening night of the LA Fashion Week.
The Philippine ambassador to New Zealand is fuming after a Filipina was turned away from a doughnut shop for being a foreigner.
The Filipina visitor had been staying at her aunt's house when she went out to dispose of the garbage in Al Rashidiya in June 2017.
A Filipina by the name of Angeline Flor Pua has been crowned Miss Belgium 2018 last Jan.
The 51-year-old Filipina maid was alleged to have packed a handbag with her clothes and tried to take it out of her American sponsor[yen]AaAaAe villa because she wanted to send it to her family in the Philippines in April.
Summary: The defendant had reportedly rented out a part of her apartment to the Filipina and had access to her room.
Activists march toward the German consulate during a rally to support two Filipina domestic workers in their lawsuit against a German diplomat in New York City.
Nuestro objetivo es proponer un fondo teorico para el diseno de actividades que hagan uso de fragmentos de textos de literatura filipina en espanol para ensenar espanol a los filipinos.
Por ultimo, Pedro Luengo habla indirectamente de la poblacion filipina pues en su trabajo <<Mahayhan: Historia de una localidad tagala a traves de las fases constructivas de la iglesia y convento de San Gregorio Magno (siglos XVIII-XIX)>>; su objetivo es explicar como las intervenciones hechas en la arquitectura de una zona especifica no pueden entenderse sin la participacion de las poblaciones locales ni de los cambios en su contexto economico.
The Filipina told Abu Dhabi Criminal Court that she found out about her husband's second marriage after she saw pictures of the woman on his mobile phone.
To these ends, feminist leaders and activists deploy several discourses that centre on what Roces cahs a 'double narrative' of victimisation and oppression, while also forging an activist programme that produces role models and feminist practices designed to fashion an empowered Filipina.
Este hecho responde a la tradicion y al ambiente cristianos que durante mas de tres siglos han dominado y dominan la vida filipina.

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