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Noun1.Fra Filippo Lippi - Italian painter whose works show a three-dimensional style (1406-1469)Fra Filippo Lippi - Italian painter whose works show a three-dimensional style (1406-1469)
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Dutton compares the little-known Narcissus play with Filippo Lippi's 1442 Annunciation painting--a slightly unusual approach, but one which leads into a rewarding 'study of staging, of spectatorship, and indeed of staging spectatorship' (p.
La guerra, in quanto evento tragico, e qui chiaramente contrapposta alia bellezza cromatica e armoniosa degli affreschi di Filippo Lippi. Gli occhi delle Madonne e degli Angeli degli affreschi lippiani, all'interno del Duomo, servono a Malaparte, in conversazione con l'amico Jack, come guida luminosa contro le tenebre della Storia:
Vasari's album page not only connected Botticelli and Lippi visually (as the former's drawing of a youthful head and studies of limbs was placed among the latter's figural compositions), but also acknowledged their artistic legacy: Botticelli was apprenticed to Fra Filippo Lippi, the father of Filippino; three years after his father's death in 1472, Filippino would enter Botticelli's workshop.
On the list of 206 are two Picassos, two Gaugins, two Botticellis, three Degases, one Matisse, one Cezanne, one Van Gogh, one El Greco, one Fra Filippo Lippi (1460), one Raphael, one Titian, one Manet, 52 Gobillards, 18 Grandma Moses and three Monets.
! Rome, Safar 11, 1435, Dec 14, 2013, SPA -- A 15th century oil painting that had wrongly been attributed to the artist Filippo Lippi has been recovered 43 years after it was stolen, Italian police said on Saturday, according to dpa.
So, the section 'Sculpture in Paint' begins with Masaccio's highly modelled tempera painting St Paul, 1426, and then tracks that project through, for instance, Filippo Lippi's Madonna of Humility, 1430-2, and Paulo Uccello's Jacopone da Todi, 1433-4.
Trainer Rosemary Gasson celebrated her second winner in a week when Jolly Boys Outing won the 3m1/2f handicap chase under a fine ride from amateur Ben Poste, who made the most of receiving two stone in weight from champion jockey Tony McCoy and favourite Filippo Lippi. There was a Norfolk win in the 2m handicap hurdle.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Brunston, 2.45 Font, 3.20 Golden Duck, 3.50 Heron Bay, 4.20 Filippo Lippi, 4.55 Battlecry, 5.25 Cantlow
Nevertheless, Vasari says that, had Pesellino not died at an early age, he would have been as great as, or greater than, his master, Fra Filippo Lippi. At the very end of Pesellino's vita Vasari continues his praise of the artist.