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The making of movies.
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"The parties will provide assistance in the organization of the technological processes of film production, in the promotion and distribution of film production, the organization of the filming process, the participation of representatives of the parties in film festivals, film forums and film markets, cooperation in the field of exchange and attraction of specialists for joint projects in the framework of international and cultural relations," the statement said.
The Arab Advisors Group's latest report titled, "Arabic Film Production Houses in the Arab World" released on June 20, 2019, has found that film production continues to play a major role in the world of entertainment.
Cyprus-based film production company Altadium Group announced that shooting of the film 'S.O.S: Survive or Sacrifice' has begun in Limassol, where the entire film is to be shot.
Tribune News Network Doha Award-winning film production firm Edge Picture Company hosted an iftar last week for its stakeholders at the St Regis Hotel.
The Amakula International Film Festival is Uganda's oldest independent film festival that aims to contribute to a vibrant local film industry by broadening access to and developing audiences for quality African film production; inspiring local filmmakers to produce quality local films based on own stories; facilitating, presenting and promoting local film productions; and offering a professional networking platform for the filmmaking community in East Africa and beyond.
Develop Radio / Television Program and Film Production Businesses in China Achieve Synergy
Mr Bergey added, "The ninth floor of the building suited perfectly because it was formerly leased to a subsidiary of The Shooting Gallery, a film production company, which vacated.
The Group is designed to be a centralized industry base, primarily for feature film production, but also for TV production and other undertakings, with an annual yield of 10 feature films and 200 episodes of TV drama.
Unions making too few concessions and rigid application of regulations and overtime rules in Los Angeles are a big part of what's chasing film production elsewhere.
As a result, square feet of film production is growing faster than the poundage.