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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: director - the person who directs the making of a filmfilm director - the person who directs the making of a film
film maker, film producer, filmmaker, movie maker - a producer of motion pictures
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The Macrobert will host the screening of Scottish filmaker Steven Lewis Simpson's Native American film'NeitherWolf Nor Dog'ONTHURSDAY, June 23 at 5pm.
The sculpture was unveiled by filmaker Craig Hornby, whose documentary A Century In Stone tells the discovery of ironstone and how it led to an explosion of industry.
Using examples from older and modern blockbuster movies, as well as his own experiences on set, author and filmaker Paul Dudbridge (who is a British director, producer, cinematographer and educator, making feature films, television, commercials and music video) helps demonstrate points clearly and make them easy to understand.
Gwynedd-based filmaker Mari Huws sailed on the Blue Clipper to the Arctic Ocean to investigate the true impact of plastic pollution in the area for herself.
So, these arise from the point of the view of the text creator, the maker of the text, the writer, filmaker, the poet, the playwright, whoever makes the text; their point of view, their own personal context ...
For filmaker Christopher Clarke, who organised the festival, the event's popularity exceeded all expectations.
Chandra, however, has a personal reason, as he recounts his association with the legendary filmaker Raj Khosla, who urged him to do the still photography for his Rajesh Khanna- starrer Do Rste.
Filmaker Ken Scott has remade his under-appreciated French-Canadian film Starbuck (2011) without feeling the need to resort to the lowest common denominator.
Under each filmaker we included a list of the films mentioned in their interview.