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Music composed for the Indian popular film industry, using traditional and modern instruments, with melodies and vocal styles derived from Indian folk and classical music.
1. Of or relating to the Indian popular film industry.
2. Melodramatic.

[From Hindi filmī, cinematographic, from film, film, from English film.]


1. (Film) of or relating to the Indian film industry or Indian films
2. (Film) containing the high drama typical of Indian films
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Among his collections of light classical and filmi music, Talat Mehmood has been his all time favourite.
Working with filmi music, Chishti excelled at Punjabi compositions.
As chorus line players, soloists or arrangers, Goans had an enormous role in providing harmony and greater colour to filmi music. Yet, it is a pity that they never got much credit on album covers, serving more as "ghost writers and players".