Filter gallery

an underground gallery or tunnel, alongside of a stream, to collect the water that filters through the intervening sand and gravel; - called also infiltration gallery.

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Tenders are invited for the improvements consist of replacing and retrofitting the existing filters to use air scour, which will include but not be limited to the following: new fabricated stainless steel filter tank cells, valve replacement, new media, underdrains, two (2) new air scour blowers, air scour piping/valves, replacement of hand valves with pneumatic actuated valves, new ductile iron filter gallery piping, electrical, actuator valve control panel, two (2) vfd~s for high service pumps, painting, including offsite disposal of existing material in accordance with tceq requirements, and all items at the water treatment plant not specifically stated in other bid items, etc., as specified and shown on the plans, complete in place, ready for use by the owner.
The next step is to choose the filters tab > filter gallery > artistic and then, finally > cutout.
All key process control devices, such as rate of low controllers, are hard-wired to a manual control station located in the filter gallery control room for maximum reliability.
Tenders are invited for Construction of well with filter gallery, pump house and platform for water tank for micro water supply scheme
Once you are in the filter gallery, you can adjust the number of levels and the amount of details in each level.
Repair of leaks around pipe penetrations in the filter gallery wall at the North Fork
Tenders are invited for providing and constructing slotted pipe filter gallery and infiltration work in bawanthadi river at existing head work for water supply scheme at dongri buzurg mine.
Tenders are invited for Work including replacing the pneumatic operators on 36 butterfly valves of various sizes that operate the filters with new electric operators, repair leaks in the filter gallery walls with chemical grouting, repaint piping, install floor drain, SCADA upgrade, and other miscellaneous items.
Tenders are invited for Painting of the filter gallery.
The recommendations include modification of the existing basins to Flexible Modified Ludzack-Ettinger (MLE) mode, methanol storage and distribution system, upgrade of the existing 13 filters, and expansion of the filter gallery to include 3 new sand filters designed for phosphorous removal down to the permit goal of 0.18 mg/l at the maximum month flow of 33 MGD (design flow is 26 MGD).
Description : Design and install emergency de-watering system in filter gallery. Upgrade existing backwash recovery system filter, system controls, control buildings and backwash recovery pump.
The project will provide an additional aeration basin, an additional 150-foot clarifier, expansion of the filter gallery to include 4 new sand filters designed for phosphorous removal down to the permit goal of 0.18 mg/l at the maximum month flow of 33 MGD (design flow is 26 MGD), and biosolids handling system improvements.