filthy lucre

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fil′thy lu′cre

Facetious. money, as contrasted with nonmaterialistic rewards.
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Noun1.filthy lucre - shameful profit; "he would sell his soul for filthy lucre"
net income, net profit, profit, profits, earnings, lucre, net - the excess of revenues over outlays in a given period of time (including depreciation and other non-cash expenses)
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She was in pursuit of fame, not filthy lucre, and her literary dreams were as yet untainted by mercenary considerations.
Then she tried a child's story, which she could easily have disposed of if she had not been mercenary enough to demand filthy lucre for it.
Sometimes, moreover, he made personal application to individuals, holding out his small black palm, and otherwise plainly signifying his excessive desire for whatever filthy lucre might happen to be in anybody's pocket.
said the yeoman, losing patience; ``an thou dost go on to put thy filthy lucre in the balance with thy daughter's life and honour, by Heaven, I will strip thee of every maravedi thou hast in the world, before three days are out
Most of the complaints against SARS concern the illegalities that it perpetrated for filthy lucre.
In 1996, Rotten, Jones, Cook and Matlock reunited for the Filthy Lucre Tour; since 2002, they have staged further reunion shows and tours.
She plays Red Dragon, the mysterious head of a vicious crime 'conglomerate,' with tentacles in many nefarious illegal pursuits of filthy lucre.
It may be vulgar to mention the filthy lucre but the 27-yearold has a chance to boost the pension pot.
Trump then tried to force some homeowners off the dunes by offering to buy them out - but the majority rejected his filthy lucre.
In future move the Championship final back two hours and think of the fans - not the filthy lucre.
In the old days you could almost guarantee it would be Tory MPs who became embroiled in sex scandals while cashstrapped Labour MPs were tempted by filthy lucre.
We're now on the third series of her hit drama The Syndicate (BBC1) and each time it turns out exactly the same - there's a longed-for windfall of filthy lucre and everyone concerned finds their world going to hell in a hand cart.