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a.1.(Zool.) Having palmate feet.
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He visited them again last Friday, and was once again mesmerised by the bottlenose dolphins Senya (24), Ksyusha (22), Jerry (10), Tetka (20) and Fekla (20) and the fin-footed sea lions Gosha (20), and Lusha, Fila and Max (10).
And they captured on film the underwater ballet of the world's deepest-diving fin-footed mammals - elephant seals - otherwise best known for their fights on breeding beaches.
Harbor seals, along with their relatives sea lions and walruses, belong to a group called pinnipeds, which means fin-footed.
All seals and walruses are classified as pinnipeds, which means "wing or fin-footed," yet true seals differ from their more well-known cousins.