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end user

also end-us·er (ĕnd′yo͞o′zər)
The ultimate consumer of a product, especially the one for whom the product has been designed.
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The owners and staff have one final customer, timid, confused Mitri, before the building is destroyed in the morning.
Tribune News Network Doha ONLINE voting for winner of Qatar Foundation's flagship media initiative Stars of Science (SoS) will start on Saturday night after final customer validation episode airs on MBC4.
The final customer had their electricity restored by around 10.
Pending revision of the tool, the requirement to install heat meters to measure final consumption from a heat network in buildings occupied by more than one final customer will not be enforced by the National Measurement andn Regulation Office (NMRO).
If there is sufficient demand for your product, and it meets all regulatory market requirements, the next step is to understand how best to supply to the final customer.
I believe the VAT increase will eventually be rolled over to the final customer, we are already working on marginal profits," Sklavenitis supermarket spokeswoman Melina Varoutsikou said.
It works throughout the entire supply chain in ambient and chilled; in raw material and the final customer pack.
Within this context, many approaches have been addressed so far by the various authors, from the focus on the interaction between the company and the final customer, to a focus on a network of relationships, including all stakeholders in the delivering value to the final customer.
The concept involves establishing distribution centres and importing goods through ports closer to the final customer.
The shipment left Westport over the weekend bound for the Port of Taranaki where it will be discharged pending a bulk shipment to the final customer in Asia.
Retail sales are the revenues car companies receive when models reach the final customer, whereas wholesale figures are based on revenues from retail or joint venture partners.