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end user

also end-us·er (ĕnd′yo͞o′zər)
The ultimate consumer of a product, especially the one for whom the product has been designed.
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Tenders are invited for impression of the promotional and service material (guide and discount card) of the tourist bus barcelona destined to be delivered to the final customer
Activities carried out at the factory will include machining processes such as sheet metal work, surface treatment processes, and sub-assembly work to deliver finished goods to the final customer, said the statement from Sami.
Renting equipment is an ideal way to minimize cost, benefiting both the builder and final customer. Northwest Abatement Rentals works directly with builders and homeowners.
'This fully-integrated value chain will bring gas from the wellhead to the final customer - the ship,' he added.
It will also allow Tata Motors to stay closer to the final customer, the load consigner thus enabling to provide better products and solutions.
The owners and staff have one final customer, timid, confused Mitri, before the building is destroyed in the morning.
Introduction of VAT certainly created a stir in the country, but in its first month of implementation, businesses have realised that VAT is a clear and transparent policy posed to the final customer. It does take a bit of additional record keeping, but the final results are stupendous!
In fact, experts say that home buyers should demand from the developers to pass on the credit benefit for rest of the project to the final customer, as the government has included an antiprofiteering clause in the GST bill under section 171 of GST law.
Tribune News Network Doha ONLINE voting for winner of Qatar Foundation's flagship media initiative Stars of Science (SoS) will start on Saturday night after final customer validation episode airs on MBC4.
"The final customer had their electricity restored by around 10.45pm.
This shows the advantages of shorter lead times to the final customer and the know-how and knowledge in textile production, which we luckily still have in Europe.
and how this model could reduce cost for the final customer," said WBA executive vice chairman and chief executive officer Stefano Pessina.