Final process

(Practice) a writ of execution in an action at law.

See also: Process

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
By another and final process the 'Amar' is changed into
With contractor reviews under its final process, Riyad Reit, which is the real investment company owned by Riyad Capital, said the management and operations agreement will extend for 20 years starting from the date of operation of the hotel.
'We believe [network verification] tests were the final process for commercialisation,' SKT said in a press release.
The Observer said: 'For many years Ruberoid Company has done everything in floorcloth work except the final process which was done by the Stirling Floorcloth Company.
The final process of the Proactiv+ 3 step Skin System repairs the skin with the Complexion Perfect Hydrator.
According to US media, two military officials said that he number of US troops "might actually increase slightly in Syria, to help protect the final process of pulling out -- an operation that is still expected to take at least four to six months to complete."
Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan said that a concrete and effective local bodies system is the dream of Prime Minister Imran Khan and work is already in final process in this regard.
However, at the end, only two bidders could qualify for the final process.
Earlier, at about 3.30pm, Irwan Serigar was called to the MACC headquarters to complete the final process of investigation.
"This signals the beginning of the final process towards the completion of the plant," she said in a media statement.
Till the final process of reconciliation is put in place by the tax authorities, sending of scrutiny notices for mismatch in GST returns will cause unwaranted and avoidable harassment to taxpayers, Gandhi said.
Tribune News Network Doha An official delegation from Karwa Motors LLC and SEMAC Oman received the general layout and final process design of the new Karwa Motors bus plant to be built in Oman, during an event held in Suzhou, China, recently.

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