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Noun1.Financial Management Service - the federal agency in the Treasury Department that manages the government's disbursement and collection systems and provides central accounting and financial reporting
Department of the Treasury, Treasury Department, United States Treasury, Treasury - the federal department that collects revenue and administers federal finances; the Treasury Department was created in 1789
bureau, federal agency, government agency, agency, office, authority - an administrative unit of government; "the Central Intelligence Agency"; "the Census Bureau"; "Office of Management and Budget"; "Tennessee Valley Authority"
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The IRS agreed to work with the Financial Management Service to determine whether these limits are feasible.
Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS) adjustment amounts for all four quarters were mathematically correct.
Richard Gregg, commissioner of Treasury's Financial Management Service, said the agency will begin validating taxpayer ID numbers in October.
We understand that, as part of its funding request for fiscal year 1997, the Treasury sought a permanent indefinite appropriation, similar to that in place for the Bureau of the Public Debt, for services provided to its Financial Management Service. The Federal Reserve and our fiscal principals continue to work closely to identify and implement initiatives that improve further the efficiency of these operations.
Garner is a senior analyst with the Department of Treasury's Financial Management Service in Washington, D.C.
Treasury Department's Financial Management Service contracted with Dallas- based Comerica Bank to issue the card nationally in 2008.
Use of at least one financial management service (see note 8) was reported by one-third of small businesses (table A.2.B).
In the main, Reserve Bank services for Treasury involve the two entities comprising the Treasury Fiscal Service: the Financial Management Service, for depository services, and the Bureau of the Public Debt, for debt-related operations.
Judith Tillman, commissioner of the Treasury Department's Financial Management Service, said, 'People without bank accounts now have a user-friendly, practical alternative to paper checks for their monthly federal benefit payments.
government, improve debt collection, and strengthen computer security controls at its Financial Management Service. Both the Treasury Department and IRS issued audited financial statements 45 days before the end of fiscal year 2002.
Between July and December 2001, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), through the Department of the Treasury's Financial Management Service (FMS), mailed 86 million advance refund checks totaling $36.4 billion.

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