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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: holding company - a holding company owning or controlling one or more banks
holding company - a company with controlling shares in other companies
multibank holding company - a bank holding company owning several banks
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OFG Bancorp is a diversified financial holding company that operates under US and Puerto Rico banking laws and regulations.
ESFHC is a bank-centric financial holding company, and has reported modest double-leverage of 104% for the past three years.
The Bank underwent a significant change in ownership in November 2007 through the sale of a majority stake to Dubai Financial Group (DFG), the financial holding company of Dubai Group.
To this end, Cathay FHC and Shin Kong Financial Holding Company have held recruitment expositions in several leading universities to tout their operating advantages to the graduates.
Sterling Bancorp (NYSE: STL) is a financial holding company with assets of $1.9 billion, offering a broad array of banking and financial services products.
Held in Liverpool's council chamber on Castle Street, the lecture was attended by memorial fund chairman Anthony Mould and supporters from financial holding company Rensburg Sheppards.
A financial holding company must submit, through the filing of a notice under section 4 of the BHC Act, a written request to the Federal Reserve Board to engage in a complementary activity.
Instead, GLBA has created a new type of bank holding company--the financial holding company, where activities such as merchant banking and insurance underwriting, which previously were not permissible for banking firms, are now allowed--and named the Federal Reserve, the seventh mouse if you will, as umbrella supervisor.
DSM Biologics is a joint venture of DSM and Societe generale de financement du Quebec (SGF), an industrial and financial holding company, which carries out economic development projects, especially in the industrial sector, in cooperation with partners and in accordance with accepted requirements for profitability that comply with the economic development policy of the Government of Quebec.
Among other things, GLBA created a two-way street that not only allows bank holding companies to acquire full-service securities firms, insurance companies, and insurance agencies through a financial holding company structure but also allows securities firms and insurance companies to acquire banks and thereby become a financial holding company.
Ibersuizas, a Spanish financial holding company, will inject cash into the new JV.
Total assets had increased from NOK59.6bn in 2001 to NOK82.6bn in 2002, mainly by Gjensidige NOR ASA becoming a financial holding company.

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