Fine, thanks

Fine, thanks   
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But ask yourself if he only wants you back because you've managed to get over him and are doing fine, thanks very much.
When one audience member mistakenly referred to her as "Miss Collins", Percy interrupted and informed them: "Just Dame Joan is fine, thanks."
He said this has proved that Kuwaiti youth have capabilities to achieve best results in various events, adding that "the Kuwaiti sports is fine, thanks to our cohesion." The minister extolled efforts exerted by the Kuwait Shooting Federation chaired by Duaij Al-Otabi, who has spared no efforts to support sports, and all officials.
KARACHI: Ramazan mobarak kay baad arz hai that I am feeling very fine, thanks God.
In a text to ECHo columnist Pete Price, she wrote: "Ted's doing fine, thanks. He's still on a lot of morphine so talking rubbish.
Perth, Australia, Safar 28, 1435, Dec 31, 2013, SPA -- Saudi Ambassador to Australia Nabil bin Mohammed Al Saleh has assured that all male and female Saudi students in the State of Western Australia are well and fine, thanks to Allah Almighty, after hurricane Christine has swept the northwestern coast of Western Australia earlier today.
Karlo, it seems, will pull through just fine, thanks to the journalists who gave his mother a ride to a hospital.
Asked what his response would be if Mr Howard said he had smoked cannabis, Mr Blunkett said: "I would say fine, thanks for being honest, now what would you have done to you?
The economy's doing fine, thanks to the Tory legacy - people are prospering, unemployment is falling, interest rates are low.
The employees describe this scandal, which is currently under federal investigation, as only one part of a campaign which has "systematically dismantled [the state's] enforcement program to the direct detriment of public health" One of the many examples they provide: A chemical manufacturer whose executives were also Rowland campaign contributors caused a toxic spill which killed 12,000 fish, but paid no fine, thanks to a back room deal with the governor's bag man.
With Around the Horn (Rough Trade), the members continue their hypnotic, spontaneous, rootsy explorations, transposing would-be horn lines into guitars and squeezeboxes; fore grounding the burping, froggy bass; and penning mournful tunes with nearly indecipherable lyrics that feel just fine, thanks to the nasally aching Neil Young like vocals.
So when someone asked how she was, instead of looking at the ground, she'd smile and say, 'Fine, thanks'.