Fine goods

woven fabrics of fine texture and quality.

See also: fine

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Tender are invited for Caps for water supply, sewage manholes and collecting grids for mud water castings, water pipes, galvanized water pipes and their connecting elements and fine goods, mobile electrical nozzle and drilling tools ductile tubes, supply and transport of waterproofing for galvanized pipes, oval closures PN - 16 bar and PPN-25 bar and flat closures, ACV-automatic valves, PP hydrants and air vent valves, molded parts of cast iron.
For lovers of fine dining, fine wines and fine goods, here is an exceptionally fine car.
Oldfield Fine Goods wallet, $125, and shackle key fob in dark brown, $25; Guild & Gentry, 321 N.
RAWALPINDI -- The Punjab government while taking notice of dilapidated roads and highways rendered ramshackle by overloaded vehicles has decided to install weighing scales on 20 highways of Rawalpindi to check and fine goods vehicles using roads in violation of allowed weight.
I am looking forward to getting this project on to site and, of course, shopping there for fine goods in a couple of years' time.
He said: "We have taken on a distributor in France who wants to show off expensive parfums and fine goods in the perfect light.
Taviers has transformed the traditional online store with a sleek layout that showcases luxury cars, estates, jets, art and other fine goods.
People flocked in their droves to eat and drink their way around the 26 restaurant stands, see suppliers' fine goods and to get their hands dirty in culinary classes.
We had silk, wool and mohair, fine goods like that.
The latest indication that gay and lesbian couples will forever alter the wedding industry--especially if other states follow Massachusetts's lead and begin issuing licenses--can be found at Gump's, a purveyor of fine goods to San Francisco's elite shoppers.
To use a supermarket analogy, we used to be in the fine goods section, but as we become more and more like a Tesco Value version of LFC, I'm afraid to say that the management is nearing its sell-by date.
says, "We bake lots of our own breads, fine goods, and pastries, and we also buy a lot of items from top-quality local and national vendors.