Fingals Cave

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Fin′gal's Cave′

(ˈfɪŋ gəlz)
a cave on the island of Staffa, in the Hebrides, Scotland. 227 ft. (69 m) long; 42 ft. (13 m) wide.
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I was outvoted in my wish to visit a whisky distillery - the girls wanted to go whale and puffin spotting - so we hopped on board the MV Islander to Fingals Cave on the island of Staffa, which we explored on foot before heading to Lunga.
Talking about the concert titled North of Staffa, SPO conductor Ben Ellin says: "From the rolling waves of Fingals Cave and Mendelssohn's ever popular Hebrides Overture, we travel North to Helsinki.
The concert tomorrow opens with another Mendelssohn favourite, the Fingals Cave Overture.