Finger bar

the horizontal bar, carrying slotted spikes, or fingers, through which the vibratory knives of mowing and reaping machines play.

See also: Finger

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The extensive collection includes a Park Dray on four wheels with shafts and pole, Marston Wagonette with shafts and pole, an eight-seat wagonette with disk breaks, a Victoria Carriage with leather hood, a ladies' Phaeton, a Charlie Pinney Hitch cart, breaking cart for a heavy horse, a Gambo Body plough, a Norfolk Market Cart on 60" wheels, an Ox cart and pole, a Ransome Simms Plough, a Pierce Finger Bar Mower, pairs show harness and pairs working harness and various draught horse implement harnesses, ploughs and ridges.
This will occur on the afternoon of April 1 only and while supplies last (one Finger Bar per customer).
For consumers unable to find a Finger Bar in their area, a limited number of the bars are listed on eBay Giving Works, eBay's dedicated program for charity listings, through April 8.
This will be the first time ever that the 2 finger bar has featured in its own TV campaign.
Nestle Rowntree is turning its attention to its star brand Kit Kat's bedrock, the four finger bar, by giving it new packaging for the first time in its 66 year history.
It is the first new permanent format of KitKat since the launch of the two finger biscuit version in 1951 and follows the introduction of a limited edition five finger bar last August.
KitKat Cappuccino is available in a pack of 10 two finger bars from most supermarkets, priced pounds 1.
Finger bars are expected to begin appearing on store shelves throughout the month of April 2008.
Some times when ballast was loaded the larger pieces of treasure were loaded under it, things like gold finger bars and larger silver bars, some companies found ballast piles that yielded silver bars that weighed as much as 87 pounds.
Other new product launches scheduled this year include Fudge Brownie Bars, Eccles Cakes, Reduced Fat Flapjacks, Single Finger Chewies and Kiddies Finger Bars.