finger cot

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n.1.a close-fitting sheath worn at the end of a finger, for protection of the finger or to avoid soiling the object touched.
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Wear a bandage over wounds on hands and arms, and a glove or finger cot over wounds on hands or fingers.
Immediately before each procedure, a new finger cot was fitted over the distal tip of the ultrasound probe, filled with gel to eliminate air bubbles, and secured with an O-ring.
075% (Axsain) ointment 3 to 4 times a day with finger cot or Q-tip to affected areas may be used, with the warning that pain may be initially worsened, and it may take several weeks for the anesthetic effect to be maximal.
EYX--Drape, Pure Latex Sheet, With Self-retaining Finger Cot
The mixed-fruit version includes an on-pack finger cot (a hygienic covering for cleaning a baby's teeth with a finger).
For hemostasis, a tourniquet can be improvised with a sterile glove finger and a hemostat; there are also dedicated finger cots available that work well for this purpose, she said.
carry finger cots, which are used to cover individual fingers.
com)-- SafetyDirect Introducing Top Range of Disposable Finger Cots.
To set up your machine for free-motion quilting, drop the feed dogs (see your manual for details) and attach a darning or free-motion quilting foot Use quilter's gloves or secretary's finger cots to grip the quilt.
Also, the product is packaged with finger cots to promote hygienic application--unlike most competing products.