finger cot

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n.1.a close-fitting sheath worn at the end of a finger, for protection of the finger or to avoid soiling the object touched.
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EYX--Drape, Pure Latex Sheet, With Self-retaining Finger Cot
Wear a bandage over wounds on hands and arms, and a glove or finger cot over wounds on hands or fingers.
Alternatively, the use of the finger from a sterile glove or a finger cot has been suggested; however, the potential exists for loss of the foreign body into the airway.
075% (Axsain) ointment 3 to 4 times a day with finger cot or Q-tip to affected areas may be used, with the warning that pain may be initially worsened, and it may take several weeks for the anesthetic effect to be maximal.
com)-- SafetyDirect Introducing Top Range of Disposable Finger Cots.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Rolled Finger Cots As Per Ps-291-030 - 30.
This product can be used both in sync with the mechanics gloves or finger cots provided as well as with other gloves; it can also be applied directly to the skin or other surfaces.
Operators in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing environments frequently use gloves, finger cots and other types of hand coverings to prevent grease and oils on their bare hands from contaminating ESD-sensitive devices, PCBs and final systems.