Finger reading

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reading printed in relief so as to be sensible to the touch; - so made for the blind.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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So with the pulse oximeter on a finger reading say 94 percent, one can take very deep breaths and in a minute or two temporarily raise the blood-oxygen levels up to four or five percent.
The finger reading was obtained by placing the sensor in the dorsal-ventral position on the forefinger on the dominant hand.
Enlightened: The art of finger reading. Studia Linguistica, 62, 249-260.
What is the nature of the visual imagery in finger reading? Visual imagery has been widely explored as a vehicle for expressing ESP ability (Blackmore & Rose, 1997; George, 1982; Honorton, 1975; Honorton, Tierney, & Torrey, 1974; Price, 1973; Schechter, Solfvin, & McCollum, 1975).
The experimenter and coexperimenter were positioned on each side of the barrier to observe the participant during the finger reading (see Figure 2).
Mechanism of finger reading (the third eye) and physiological measurements.
If finger reading is real, one would expect its manifestations to be predictable.
In this regard, the author has carried out pilot trials of finger reading in Taiwan.