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1. The former policy of neutrality by non-Communist countries under the influence of the Soviet Union.
2. The adoption of such a policy.

Fin′land·ize′ v.
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(ˌfɪnləndaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) neutralization of a small country by a superpower, using conciliation, as the former Soviet Union did in relation to Finland
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(ˌfɪn lən dəˈzeɪ ʃən)

a former policy by a non-Communist country, as Finland, of maintaining neutrality with the Soviet Union with a consequent susceptibilty to its influence.
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A recent article states that a "systematic government effort is needed to neutralize Beijing's relentless and multifaceted campaign to 'Finlandize' (Force a smaller weaker country to abide by the larger country's foreign policy while allowing some nominal independence) Australia by decoupling Canberra from its military alliance with the U.S., subverting our domestic institutions, and leaving us exposed to China's efforts to impose its authoritarian hegemony on the Indo-Pacific region."
In 1952, when he was Prime Minister, Kekkonen delivered a speech implicitly calling on Norway and Denmark to leave NATO, creating the "neutral" Scandinavian zone that had long been a major aim of Soviet foreign policy, the easier by which to Finlandize it.
We need to continue the modernization of our forces and we need to make sure that no disparity of strength arises to the degree that the Soviets might feel free to use pressure tactics or blackmail in an attempt to "Finlandize" the nations of those areas.
First, the EU should work to Finlandize Ukraine, whose foreign policy, like Tito's, is now officially "non-aligned." NATO expansion is off the table.
Certain of his ideas to "Finlandize" the Cold War in Europe got nowhere and strike us today as slightly credulous: will not state power abhor a vacuum; would the Soviets have allowed its satrapies to have slipped so readily from their sphere of influence?
Russia's next step would have been a more significant move against Berlin than any of the previous ones and, following that, it would have attempted to Finlandize Europe.
During World War II he prepared for his political assault on Europe by purging and Stalinizing the German, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, and Yugoslav Communist parties.(6) But his attempt to Finlandize Western Europe failed when it encountered the Marshall Plan, and he therefore forsook competitive coexistence for a Cold War.
"Russia's campaign today would subvert and Finlandize its former colonies, and we're not paying attention to it as we should," 20-year CIA veteran Robert Stephan says.