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a.1.(Zool.) destitute of fins.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Diagnosis of atlanto-occipital dissociation: Standardised measurements of normal craniocervical relationship in finless porpoises (genus Neophocaena) using postmortem computed tomography.
Yibin Fishery Department, who help protect the species living in the Yangtze, like the finless porpoise dolphin, Yangtze sturgeon and Chinese sturgeon.
Finless Foods, another startup in Emeryville, is making cultured fish and seafood.
'Toba marine museum' breeds fish from the sea around Iseshima, including the Finless Porpoise which is one of the seven porpoise species of dolphin.
Sighting finless porpoise, a marine mammal the looks like dolphin, during the surveys was a rare opportunity.
Startups such as MosaMeat (cofounded by Mark Post, the scientist behind the [pounds sterling]215,000 burger), Memphis Meats, Supermeat, Just, and Finless Foods have all swept up healthy sums of venture capital.
Meat giant Tyson Foods recently put $2.2 million of seed money into his company, and a dozen other start-ups are chasing the same goal: Memphis Meat, JUST, Finless Foods,Meatable -- a total of 30 labs around the world.
(Several reports have found disturbing amounts of fecal bacteria in our meat and poultry.) And if companies can perfect cell-cultured fish-which Finless Foods, a San Francisco startup, is working on--it could alleviate the decimation of fisheries, allowing consumers to eat overfished species, like bluefin tuna, without moral conflict.
Many are located in the San Francisco Bay area, including Mission Barns, Wild Type, and the bluefin tunafocused Finless Foods.
Such glimpses of the shy Yangtze finless porpoise, the only aquatic mammal left in China's longest river and known in Chinese as the 'smiling angel' for its perma-grin, are increasingly rare.
Surprisingly, almost shockingly, the 1960 Oldsmobiles proudly showed off flat, featureless and finless fenders.