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n.1.A little fin; one of the parts of a divided fin.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Despite very similar morphology among the individual finlets, there was considerable variability in finlet flexure during a stroke.
Fat grade is assessed by evaluating the amount of marbling in a tail cut sectioned between the third and fourth finlet, the thickness of the midsection, and the amount of fat present in a small core of muscle (near the mid-line) extracted for biopsy.
A yellowish belly, a finlet, and less pronounced lateral line arch distinguish Mexican scad from jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus.
Three meristic characters were also studied: number of dorsal finlets (DF), number of ventral finlets (VF) and the number of branchialspins (Br) (Fig.
75 Service Bulletins associated with the former Bombardier now Viking CL-215T conversion kit; two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123AF turboprop engines; 6 new aircraft appendages including winglets and finlets; avionics upgrades
A large nonproctractile mouth with protruding lower jaw, strong teeth in jaws and exposed maxilla, two continuous dorsal fin, with the base of spinous dorsal fin longer than that of soft-rayed fin (excluding finlets).
On some airplanes a ventral fin on the fuselage or finlets on the horizontal stabilizer must be installed for yaw stability to counteract the aerodynamic effect of the floats.
Bigeye and Yellowfin Tunas were distinguished by various characteristics, including the following features: the Bigeye Tuna is longer, has a large head, large eyes, a dusky-colored tail, yellowish finlets edged in black, and a tail with a flat, trailing edge.
Improvements in aerodynamics for both the legacy and future fleets illustrated in the first section of table 1 include finlets, winglets, riblets, and conformal antennas among other streamlining modifications, offering 4-6 percent better fuel burn.
In addition to very big eyes, it has distinctively dark pectoral fins that extend to just below the second dorsal fin and yellow finlets along the back and belly, just in front of the tail.