Finnish mark

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Noun1.Finnish mark - formerly the basic unit of money in FinlandFinnish mark - formerly the basic unit of money in Finland
Finnish monetary unit - monetary unit in Finland
penni - 100 pennia formerly equaled 1 markka in Finland
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Prior to its adoption, crises used to fiercely devaluate the currencies of crisis-ridden countries by up to 25 percent, as in the case of the Spanish peseta, and 40 percent in the case of the Finnish Mark.
The Finns said goodbye to their own currency, the Finnish mark, to adopt the Euro.
Thomas Cook says it will change Austrian schilling, Belgian franc, Finnish mark, French franc, German deutschmark, Greek drachma, Irish punt, Italian lira, Luxembourg franc, Dutch guilder, Portuguese escudo and Spanish peseta notes into sterling between now and the end of February 2002.
The sharp outflow followed sizeable sales of 6-month notes in December 1991 in connection with the devaluation of the Finnish mark; when these notes matured, holdings were not renewed, resulting in a currency outflow.
The following year he gave 30,000 Finnish marks for the purchase of thirty musical instruments from Berlin.

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