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3d pers. s1.3d pers. sing. pr. of Find, for findeth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Fint received a master of music degree in piano performance and pedagogy and a bachelor of music degree in piano performance from the University of Oklahoma.
The phones were fiNt unveiled one by one, and then all the five were shown tcgether by models, the eveift ended wilh an awesome performace by Ali Annul Azmat and Humaira Arshad.
ue mpiwene tra finT del stu Ou life sm sup chi Gw me din the The latest addition to the set-up is a lightful pink shepherd's hut, with unning views over Snowdonia.
"Obviously my kids and their heritage is important to me." Bellamy said of the reason it wants to take his tour into Fint Nations schools.
Then there exists a intuitionistic fuzzy dense set A in (X,T), such that IFcl(1 - A) = [1.sub.~] implies that 1 - IFint (A) = [1.sub.~], implies I Fint (A) = [0.sub.~].
The internal energy fINT measures the extent of deformation of the model:
0,13 13 13,3 Manoji 0,13 23 20,6 Lietuva Hur fint 0,137 15 13,8 Smeg ...
David George Fint, Bradenton Admitted 1977; Died April 7, 2009
3 is detailed an equivalent system which could give an explicit image about the manipulator behavior needed to be implemented: the system is driven by [X.sub.o] = [X.sub.r], the reference position given by joystick; in the case of interaction, [X.sub.0] [not equal to] [X.sub.r] and the contact force Fint can be imposed by the difference between X0 and Xr.
Congratulations to Wales' Rhys Fint, 17, who chalked up his first winner as a conditional jockey on Oiseau De Nuit in the Felbridge Handicap Chase at Lingfied last week.
Xavier Fint, a Spanish expert on tourist management, tells us that building a golf course in the Benidorm area needs as much water as a town of 10,000 people.