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 (fîr-dou′sē) also Fir·du·si (fər-do͞o′sē) or Fer·dow·si (fĕr-dou′sē) Pen name of Abu-l-Qasim Mansur. 940?-1020?
Persian epic poet whose Book of Kings (1010) recounts the history of Persia from the arrival of the Persians to the Arab conquest.


(fɪəˈdaʊsɪ) or


(Biography) pen name of Abul Qasim Mansur ?935–1020 ad, Persian epic poet; author of Shah Nama (The Book of Kings), a chronicle of the legends and history of Persia


or Fir•dou•si

(fərˈdaʊ si)

also Fir•du•si


(Abul Qasim Mansu or Hasan), 932–1020, Persian poet.
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Shahnama', as some of us know, is an epic poem by the Persian poet Firdausi.
Sobia Rao takes up a few of the most iconic images from the Shahnameh of Firdausi and the Badshahnamah from the Mughal period.
May Almighty Allah grant his soul Aljannah Firdausi, and his family the fortitude to bear this loss,' it stated.
A library at LCWU, was set up with the support of Iran, has a unique collection of research work over Iqbal and Firdausi.
Evening and long nights of winter are dedicated to Shahname (Book of the Kings) by Firdausi.
Several research have found that some universities in Malaysia were losing students because of service quality and a lack of competent academics ( Firdausi, 2006; Latif et al.
Persian literature dictionary of allusion, 1st edition, Tehran, Firdausi publication
For many scholars, these pages from the famous Persian poem completed by Abu'l Qasim Firdausi in 1010 represent the most celebrated example of Safavid style (1501-1722) due to the exceptional quality of their painting and composition.
Fatima Firdausi, another such bride, looked every more fiery.
Shahnama Firdausi is a masterpiece by Abul Qasim Firdausi which consists of sixty thousand couplets and it has become a national asset.
Prior to the FNS, the firm of lawyer Firdausi Abbas was the lead counsel of Zaldy until August 2011.
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