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But at last I emerged upon a small open space, and as I did so, a Morlock came blundering towards me, and past me, and went on straight into the fire!
The air was filled with simultaneous cries of "To the fire!" "To the death!" "To the halter!" "To the stake!" "Vive Colbert!" "Vive le roi!" The group which had forced the culprits from the hands of the archers had drawn close to the house, which appeared to be the goal towards which they dragged them.
"The Image-de-Notre-Dame is on fire! Burn the thieves!
"Fire! fire!" he shouted, scarcely comprehending what had happened.
They can learn where and when the first signs of smoke and flame appeared, what typical routine the neighborhood follows, and whether anything unusual occurred at about the same time as someone first shouted, "Fire!" Witnesses also prove critical for establishing motive for the blaze because of their knowledge of neighborhood residents.