Fire balloon

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A balloon raised in the air by the buoyancy of air heated by a fire placed in the lower part<- =="" hot-air="" balloon="" -="">
A balloon sent up at night with fireworks which ignite at a regulated height.

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Other highlights each day include musket firing demonstrations and the launch of a "toy fire balloon.
In June of that year the Montgolfier brothers sent up at Annonay, France an unoccupied, so-called fire balloon believing that it was the smoke that caused the craft to rise.
Did you know that a Japanese fire balloon exploded over one of Omaha's neighborhoods during the Second World War?
We should first find out how the owner got the approval to fly the object, even a fire balloon needs to get the authority's permission before lifting off," the staff member added.
Dumesnil, who mounted at Moscow with a large fire balloon, rose out of sight, and was not heard of when the account we have seen came away.
The possession or use of all fireworks, including safe and sane, as well as the use of floating sky lanterns, fire balloons or acetylene balloons is prohibited.