Fire basket

a portable grate; a cresset.

See also: Fire

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Industrial sculptor Andy Shaw's fire basket installations, including a flamebreathing Fire Dragon, will keep you warm if it's chilly.
If you have a chimney, a Burlington Surround, from PS1,775 (ex-VAT), is understated and elegant, and teams well with a Soho Fire Basket For Dogs, PS375 (ex-VAT).
Landmann fire basket and grill, PS39, Asda Firepits and baskets like this are designed more for warmth and aesthetics than cooking, but this one comes with a grill, so you can have the occasional burger or banger as well.
So dad had bought the fire basket and a stock of logs and set to reopening the old flue.
We bought a fire basket to replace the broken one in our dining room and a bag of coal because when the weather's like this there's something very comforting about sitting in front of a real fire.
It's an ideal incinerator on summer nights too, being a great outdoor fire basket and focal point.
Blomus Terra Fire Basket, $435 German-made, this matte stainless-steel fire pit adds elegance and functionality to any patio.
The grate, or fire basket, is supported on either side by andirons, which traditionally have an upright post at the front to prevent the logs from falling out.
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To make your patio more alluring after dark invest in a fireplace, fire basket, metal fire bowl on a stand, or your own bonfire ground build pit - sunk in the or within a brick wall - that will throw out light and heat.