Fire box

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the chamber of a furnace, steam boiler, etc., for the fire.

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It[yen]AaAaAeAcs a sure fire box office smash but not one for the faint-hearte And there[yen]AaAaAeAcs strong support from the cast, particularly Matt Passmore[yen]Aa Logan Nelson, a military veteran and former doctor, and Brittany Allen, who plays Carly who inadvertently caused the death of an asthmatic woman by stealing her purse, which had her emergency inhaler inside.
The SilverFire Dragon oven has a linear fire box and interior design that heats the oven far more quickly and efficiently than a typical masonry pizza oven, Albi said.
A small chain looped around the gear or sprocket that was routed through pulleys to the dampers on the stove pipe and under the fire box.
As you can see in the diagram above, heat from the fire box is directed beneath the oven, up the opposite side, across the cook top, and finally out the chimney.
Lakeshore Drive, black fire box stolen, resident thinks he knows who the thief is.
However, the engine's fire box, bearing the title board the 'Cheltenham Flyer', is very significant in railway history, not to be confused with the 'Cheltenham Spa Express'.
When thinking of the most popular construction method in ceramics (the potter's wheel) we selected several artists who use the wheel to make work that is functional in its nature but perhaps not in practice (such as ware that is placed in the fire box and submerged in coals): Dale Huffman, Annett Floren, Jose Antonio Sarmiento, Takeshi Yasuda, and Dick Lehman.
If that building burns down today, the fire box will not alert the fire brigade.
A sweat lodge faces a healing circle area with its traditional fire box.
ON Tuesday, November 16, The Hazel O'Connor Collective will launch 'Re-Joyce' a song that is a sure fire box ticker in every way.
The 24-inch-long sculpture, made using part of the fire box of the steam engine, will be sold as part of an attempt by the National Railway Museum (NRM) to raise funds for the Flying Scotsman's restoration.