Fire brick

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a refractory brick, capable of sustaining intense heat without fusion, usually made of fire clay or of siliceous material, with some cementing substance, and used for lining fire boxes, etc.

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You see, it was like this: you know that fancy brickyard they're gettin' ready to start for makin' extra special fire brick for inside walls?
The two mines are Fire Brick Mine and Sable Elegance Mine, which are approximately seven miles apart.
It will be available in seven body colours, Pearl Metallic Arctic White, Midnight Black, Silky Silver, Glistening Grey, Clear Beige, Chocolate Brown and Fire Brick Red and will be offered in four trims - VXi, VXi+, ZXi, and ZXi+ and VDi, VDi+, ZDi and ZDi+.
We covered the dome hoops with the double layer of fire brick and then the domes were covered with a soil layer.
The lorry was built in 1937 at the Sentinel Works in Shrewsbury and then sold to Castle Fire Brick in Buckley.
Since I had a good supply of inexpensive fire brick handy, that's what I used.
In the winter there'd be gas rings, a fire brick on top, around the cellar to keep the temperature just right.
The floor for the bottom of the oven was three 21" square x 4" thick fire brick material slabs laid down on the center of the plate, from front to back.
Former brick maker John Cooksey has been researching and writing about the history of fire brick making in England's Black Country for the past 40 years to produce his labour of love, the recently published 'Brickyards of the Black Country - a Forgotten Industry'.
The earliest and largest of the enterprises was the Laclede Fire Brick Company, which began in 1844 and expanded rapidly with the arrival of the railroad.
Magnesium oxide is a natural mineral used for hundreds of years to make fire brick," says Carmen Palmer, vice president and co-owner of Air-Krete maker Palmer Industries.
Due to th, density of th, loads, th, fire brick firings each took almost thirty hours and a shockiog twenty-four hours to cool.