Fire bucket

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a bucket for carrying water to put out fires.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of ISI 9Kg DCP, 10Kg DCP, 9lit foam type and 10lit cap fire bucket Fire Extinguisher
The Fire Buckets may serve as modern plant pots or simplistic storage device with a clever handle, but with the removable oil container inserted, the Fire Bucket lives up to its name and lights up your garden or porch.
The students went through the demonstration of stop, drop and roll method, Crawl method and Fire bucket use in case of fire emergency or disaster.
Watching them from comparative safety, but only a few yards away, are Mom, Tony and I, and a few neighbours as each amateur firefighter points a stream of water at the flames and another ordinary citizen behind pumps away at the gallon or so of water in a fire bucket.
1 BBQ BUCKET Show your gig-going pals just how much hot stuff you are in the meal-making department by whipping up some tasty grub in this rather spiffy enamelled metal fire bucket.
A Drinkstuff do a great selection and my favourite is this trendy Fire Bucket barbecue.
Having read modern languages at Cambridge University, he had an undistinguished war, serving as a private and upsetting his sergeant major by using the barrack room fire bucket to collect wild flowers.
And what an unlikely crew they are: 20 brooms, 40 gallons of water, 2 gallons of floor paint, 6 wooden poles, 5 Sunday New York Times, 30 pounds of sand, 7 mop heads, 1 fire bucket, 10 garbage can lids, 2 hatchet handles, 4 wheel rims, 8 fist-sized chunks of chalk, 4 rolls of gaffer tape, 6 Ace bandages, 6 disposable ice packs and 6 ball-peen hammer handles.
Once I remember he emptied the sand out of the fire bucket at the shabby old walk-up because he needed a pot to make a stew.
A team of Irish kids believe they will go down in history after forming the longest fire bucket chain.
RECENTLY voted Best Gardening Product of The Year, the enamelled Fire Bucket barbecue might come in handy now we are actually having a summer.