Fire bug

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an incendiary; one who, from malice or through mania, persistently sets fire to property; a pyromaniac.

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Contrary to its Latin name, Pyrrhocoris apterus, that suggests that firebug is a "wingless fire bug", the species does have wings although it is unable to fly.
Police are appealing for information after the fire bug struck between 2pm and 7.30pm on Friday, June 22.
After three days of freezing, he returned and invented the Survival Bracelet, Fire Bug and Fish 'n Flame.
In addition to the $35 survival bracelet, they also developed and sell the $25 "Fire Bug" keychain that includes a firesteel, knife-grade scraper, Mylar signal mirror, waxed jute, and an X-Acto blade.
Newport fears church fire bug FEARS that a "fire-bug" is at work in the town were expressed at Newport today following the early morning blaze which gutted the church of St John the Evangelist, Maindee.
Fire bug is the most interactive add-on in Firefox which provide facilities of editing, viewing, debugging and controlling any JS page or HTML page on web.
There's a hint of Sam Cooke about JD's vocal in songs such as Your Love while Fire Bug and Wolf Teeth must surely be on Quentin Tarantino's wishlist.
The fire bug damaged the bar at the disused pub but no-one was hurt.
BLAST Not much hope for those in B&B DOCTOR EVIL Yusef stands over Masood PLOT Phil tells Denise he is going inside HERO Nicky bravely enters smoke-filled room CORRIE FIRE BUG Heartbroken Becky lights old photo
HERO J Nicky bravely enters smoke-filled room DOCTOR EVIL J Yusef stands over Masood PLOTJ Phil tells Denise he is going inside TERROR J Zainab has to be held back BLASTZ Not much hope for those in B&B FIRE BUG J Heartbroken Becky lights old photo
WANSBECK 7.30 (247m): James Girl (scr), Kerry C (scr), Off The Hook (scr), A Giraffe (2), Fire Bug (3).
We had a camper (I wanted a tent), and that's where I caught the "fire bug." Now my family and I (they do it because they love me) do our best to go camping once a year.