fire exit

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He also asked the city's building official personnel to ensure that the establishments they are inspecting have adequate and fully functioning fire exits, fire alarms, smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment and facilities.
Those investigating have been seen focusing on an area near to a fire exit of the building.
He said: "There has been an issue with a fire exit door which is being resolved today and that will eliminate any [of the] problems over the past three days."
He also tweeted that Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center security officers confirmed Harris took the emergency fire exit in order to "avoid talking to the media."
Shahid claimed to have used the fire exit passage to reach the parking area.
Keith, whose dad had dementia, can't understand why he wasn't found sooner and why the fire exit wasn't alarmed.
"Access had been gained by the rear fire exit. The police attended and viewed the CCTV and identified the defendant from that."
"Our deliveries couldn't get past on Monday and we are concerned because it's a fire exit too - what if there's a fire and people can't get out because other people leave their bags of rubbish?
They said: "Fire exit signs in high-rise blocks are designed to provide illuminated signage of fire escapes in low light, such as emergency lighting.
In a written decision to suspend the licence of the club, the city council's licensing sub-committee said they had seen the group on CCTV running towards a fire exit being chased by door supervisors at around 3am.
I ran to the fire exit and managed to reach the third floor, but could not go any further as I developed breathing problems.
It was unclear if the factory had an emergency fire exit.