Fire main

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a pipe for water, to be used in putting out fire.

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Salt water fire main from weevil lane to depot main fire ring - replacement of old pvc line in hdpe
Various switches and valves must be manipulated to do almost everything including pressurizing the fire main and deploying the towed arrays.
There commercial gas fitting services include hospital renovations, fire main renewals, shopping centre redevelopment, sport grandstands and many other services.
The southern part of the approach trestle is a road with the northern section being dedicated to the services such as the 24 inch gas pipeline, the fire main, compressed airline, nitrogen line and power, lighting and I&C cabling.
system, medium voltage distribution sub-stations, communication network and fire main distribution system on the major utility segments.
In addition, the building was not fitted with a fire main to which fire hoses could be connected, and fire appliances could not get within 45 metres of all parts of Buckrose Court, as required by law.
The VSDs automatically regulate rotation speeds for motors on pumps feeding fire main piping systems, ensuring the systems maintain an optimal 150 pounds per square inch (psi) water pressure.
Inset below, at the height of the fire Main Picture: Lee Busby Reader picture: Derek Jones
This Phase 2B/3 clinical trial product facility is Pfizer's first biotechnology greenfield development and the site was chosen for a variety of reasons, including its proximity to the adjacent Pfizer Ringaskiddy site which allowed the new facility to use spare capacity of the existing wastewater treatment plant and fire main system rather than building a new treatment plant or bringing in new tanks and pumps for fire water retention.
Included in the civil's design and construction was connection into the existing foul and surface water, pumping main, rainwater harvesting for recycling to the offices, fire main, external lighting, fuelling and wash down areas and 2 no weighbridges and control building.
For example, LCS 1 originally had a single-loop fire main system--a system that sucks water from the sea and circulates it through a single loop of piping to various hydrants throughout the ship.
He didn't see the fire main directly over his head, the one with its nice, sharp edge where the mounting brackets come together.