Fire master

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(Mil) an artillery officer who formerly supervised the composition of fireworks.

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Contract notice:Implementation of phase 1 of the fire master plan for the "priority 1" hospital outside robert andr.
Johnston is clearly a versatile teacher/artist; heading up a department at a major state university takes a different sort of savvy than being a clay and fire master, yet there is no real mention of this vital, day-to-day role in his life.
North Main Street, fire master box sounded at Oakdale Rehabilitation.
Deputy Fire Master for Strathclyde Fire Brigade Phil Robinson said that after the final search it was thought that the rescue team would move into the next stage of the operation, referred to as the recovery phase.
Fire master Brian Murray boasts that his upgrade programme is going well and more fire stations have new breathing equipment.
Steven Torrie, deputy fire master with Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade, said: "The fire itself was not particularly difficult to extinguish.
Even the fire master could not rule out an accidental cause of the blaze.
She kept asking what sort of ridiculous system allowed only one fire master to have a key.
The Successful Firm Shall Perform Work Necessary To Develop And Prepare A Comprehensive Fire Master Plan That Contains A Risk Assessment And Standards Of Cover (Soc) Component Consistent With Commission On Fire Accreditation International (Cfai) 6th Edition Requirements Along With Providing And/or Generating Supporting Documents, Materials, Maps, And References.
But fire master Brian Murray said the decision to buy the cars represented ''good value'' interms of cost, the resale value and the long-term best value.

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