Fire ordeal

an ancient mode of trial, in which the test was the ability of the accused to handle or tread upon red-hot irons.

See also: Fire

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'Our beds have been razed including books and other personal effects following the evening fire ordeal,' an affected Form 4 student said.
For the festival's opening production, which featured all the participating groups presenting different vignettes from the Ramayana, Ipag performed Rama and Ravana's climactic battle scene and Sita's fire ordeal scene.
HARD-HITTING LESSON: Student Terry Kirton, centre, prepares to be cut free Pictures by IAN COOPER OUR TRAGIC STORIES: The event heard from Jan Woodward, far left, whose daughter Kelly, inset, was a road victim and from mum Lynn Ford, who lost son Andrew, above, in a fire ORDEAL: Students are reduced to tears at the event that included a crash demonstration
FIRE ORDEAL ##11 THE mum of a little boy whose face was badly burned by a Chinese lantern has called for stricter safety regulations on their use.
* FIRE ORDEAL: Suzanne Hoyle of Netherthong who thanked those who rescued her from her blazing scooter (AC210110Cscoot-02)
We've incorporated a song towards the end when Sita goes through agnipareeksha ( fire ordeal), where she talks about how no man has ever been asked to go .
THIS XMAS; LAST XMAS; PLUCK: Podge in hospital; HORROR: Podge nearly died after fire ordeal
Among them: the contest for the hand of Sita, the marriage of Sita and Rama, the abduction of Sita, the monkeys building the causeway, the Great Battle, the fire ordeal of Sita, the return to Ayodhya, etc.
She was fun and always the life and soul of the party - brother Gordon after the death of Linda Goulding, whose fire ordeal we reported last month, left