Fire plug

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a plug or hydrant for drawing water from the main pipes in a street, building, etc., for extinguishing fires.
a street hydrant to which hose may be attached.

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A replica fire plug near the front door symbolizes the name, as well as the dog friendliness, of the newest restaurant in Vernon Hills.
"HDD has to have water," says Simon, "and that means trucking it in--sometimes from long distances--or paying local landowners for use of their water; a big difference from working in cities and towns where you just fill up from a fire plug. There are times that water has a big impact on our job costs.
Graffiti by secretive British artist Banksy, featuring a dog and a fire plug, draws attention on 24th Street in New York
(They weigh 40 to 60 pounds each.) Picture a fire plug on its side.
Few tricks in the late '80s captured the skateboarding world's imagination as Natas' seemingly nonchalant helicoptering onto and off of a fire plug in the Streets on Fire video.