Fire plug

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a plug or hydrant for drawing water from the main pipes in a street, building, etc., for extinguishing fires.
a street hydrant to which hose may be attached.

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HDD has to have water," says Simon, "and that means trucking it in--sometimes from long distances--or paying local landowners for use of their water; a big difference from working in cities and towns where you just fill up from a fire plug.
Graffiti by secretive British artist Banksy, featuring a dog and a fire plug, draws attention on 24th Street in New York
Few tricks in the late '80s captured the skateboarding world's imagination as Natas' seemingly nonchalant helicoptering onto and off of a fire plug in the Streets on Fire video.
Smart pigs, which actually resemble a miniature fire plug but are packed with sophisticated instrumentation, are designed to snake their way through some of the most convoluted bends in underground pipelines.