Fire policy

the writing or instrument expressing the contract of insurance against loss by fire.

See also: Fire

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I would say that the government should come up with a hire and fire policy.
Question: The insured owns a rental home that is insured on a Dwelling Fire policy.
due to an Explosion of Gas used for illuminating or domestic purposes, wherein No Gas might have been generated or No Gasworks would have been carried-on within the same Premises/Building, then the Loss or Damage by Gas Explosion therein would be deemed covered within the purview of the relevant Fire Insurance Policy by virtue of the attachment to the Fire Policy of the Standard Explosion Endorsement under reference.
HAIFA, October 9, 2017 (WAFA) -- The Israeli Supreme Court overturned in June a lower courtae1/4aos decision ordering police to publish regulations on open fire policy, thus hindering efforts to bring officers to justice for violations of the law, the Haifa-based Adalah -- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel said in a press released published on Sunday.
The disastrous fire resulted in major changes to Alberta's forest fire policy.
The bill expands the time to bring suit under the standard fire policy from 18 to 24 months.
For example, there might be no coverage or limited coverage for fire resulting from an act of terrorism under a standard fire policy.
Like most other places in the American West, fire policy prior to that time stemmed from a belief that wildfire was a destructive force, and one whose presence was not to be tolerated.
The California Supreme Court reversed, holding that an intentional acts exclusion in a fire policy cannot bar coverage to innocent insureds because of the intentional conduct of "any" insured.
Senior Marine Captain Suleman Mahtab, who is also national expert on Pakistan National Fire Safety Policy and Emergency Response, said the fire policy would help reduce the volume of losses to Rs 200 billion with two years of its implementation.
Sensible wildland fire policy is less sexy and heroic than the warlike television footage of bombers raining red retardant on burning brush.
Will we ring 999 when the kitchen is ablaze, only to be asked "What is your fire policy number?