Fire roll

a peculiar beat of the drum to summon men to their quarters in case of fire.

See also: Fire

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The students also participated in stunts, jumps, kicks, punches, air spin, air twist, cart wheel, simple roll and fire roll.
However, few are aware that the mortar can also be utilized in a direct fire roll.
Tenders are invited for Annual Inspection & Testing of Fire Roll Up Doors.
Built essentially of teakwood and bamboo, floods of fire roll, roil, and gush through the buildings, streets, and infrastructure of Japan in an all-consuming torrent.
By letting a fast-moving fire roll over the sage, low-lying plants are given an opportunity to access soil nutrients and moisture and take hold.
When fire rolls over a rangeland, it gives perennial sod-forming grasses, which are good sources of forage for livestock, a better chance to take hold.