Fire setting

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(Mining) the process of softening or cracking the working face of a lode, to facilitate excavation, by exposing it to the action of fire; - now generally superseded by the use of explosives.

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He said: "Deliberate fire setting is completely unacceptable, as well as the associated monetary cost.
Deliberate fire setting has major consequences - it ties up our vital resources from other more serious incidents and potentially puts people and property at risk.
Anyone who sees suspicious activity or has any information about individuals who may be involved with deliberate fire setting are encouraged to report it.
Addressing those who could be tempted to start fires, he added: "Deliberate grass fire setting is not risk-free fun.
The top three causes were cooking, electrical and "radiated heat", which encompasses such things as a candle left on a windowsill too close to curtains, an open fire setting light to tinsel and a build up of fat and grease inside ovens.
Police and fire service staff have increased patrols in known areas of deliberate fire setting and will target persistent arsonists.
CarePlus clinicians and intervention specialists assist BCJFPP with youth who display curiosity and/or have engaged in fire setting.
Eyewitnesses said that unidentified gunmen opened fire on the gas pump, which burst into fire setting ablaze a passenger van and several adjacent shops.
We hope that this new unit will provide reassurance to communities that anti-social behaviour and fire setting will not be tolerated.
Wilful fire setting is a crime that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for adults and youngsters can be reported to the children's panel.
SEATTLE--Pyromania may be the first diagnosis to come to mind in cases of fire setting, but the behavior is much more likely to be a symptom of other psychiatric disorders, Dr.
Adaptable to fit the needs of particular clients, the progress notes are organized around 34 main presenting problems, such as blended family problems, attachment disorder, divorce reaction, fire setting, and speech and language disorders.