First Council of Constantinople

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Noun1.First Council of Constantinople - the second ecumenical council in 381 which added wording about the Holy Spirit to the Nicene Creed
ecumenical council - (early Christian church) one of seven gatherings of bishops from around the known world under the presidency of the Pope to regulate matters of faith and morals and discipline; "the first seven councils through 787 are considered to be ecumenical councils by both the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox church but the next fourteen councils are considered ecumenical only by the Roman Catholic church"
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The creed of Nicaea continued to prevail and in 381 the First Council of Constantinople redefined it.
At the first council of Constantinople they were condemned as heretics.
(2.) The Fathers of the First Council of Constantinople in 381 in the expositio fidei proclaimed their faith "in the Spirit, the holy, the lordly and life-giving one" (quoted in Norman P.

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