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Noun1.First Crusade - a Crusade from 1096 to 1099First Crusade - a Crusade from 1096 to 1099; captured Jerusalem and created a theocracy there
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Part of this venerable building dates back to the time of the first crusade, when Hugo de Capus built a fortalice in the centre of the estate, which had been granted to him by the Red King.
They settled Iceland and Greenland and prematurely discovered America; they established themselves as the ruling aristocracy in Russia, and as the imperial body-guard and chief bulwark of the Byzantine empire at Constantinople; and in the eleventh century they conquered southern Italy and Sicily, whence in the first crusade they pressed on with unabated vigor to Asia Minor.
The historical record tells us that Fulcher of Chartres (1058-1130), priest-chaplain on the First Crusade, wrote in his eyewitness account that this Crusade was a novum salutis genus, "a new path to Heaven.
In a process of gentle demolition, Tyerman confronts the concept that the First Crusade (1096-1099) established a precedent base which subsequent Holy Land expeditions relied on as segments of a general movement, and concludes that all of the twelfth century and the experiences of many European regions contributed to the crusading practice which coalesced during and after the Third Crusade (1189-1192).
Nine centuries after the First Crusade, hundreds of Christians are again on their way to Jerusalem -- this time with a message of apology to Muslims and Jews for the atrocities committed as their predecessors murdered, raped and pillaged their way to the Holy Land.
In 1575 Tasso completed his epic poem on the First Crusade, a subject that had long fascinated him.
Among them are American Individualism (1922), The Challenge to Liberty (1934), American Road (1938), Further Addresses on the American Road (1940), America's First Crusade (1941), The Problems of Lasting Peace (1942), Memoirs (3 v.
Unlike other Renaissance romances, it was based on the historic events of the First Crusade (1096 - 99) and it utilized several historical characters.
It is the only substantial surviving eyewitness account of the First Crusade from an eastern Christian perspective.
The reviewer remembers as an undergraduate being firmly told that the anonymous Gesta Francorum was the only important Latin source for the First Crusade as all the others were, to a greater or lesser extent, derived from it.
Armies of heaven; the first crusade and the quest for apocalypse.
TWO leading dictionaries of medieval French, the Anglo Norman Dictionary at Aberystwyth University and the Dictionnaire de l'ancien franais at Heidelberg University, are to be used in a study of an unpublished Anglo-Norman text about the First Crusade.