First Epistle to the Thessalonians

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Noun1.First Epistle to the Thessalonians - a New Testament book containing Saint Paul's first epistle to the Thessalonians
New Testament - the collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible
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In this erudite and comprehensive monograph, Luckensmeyer (Center for Early Christian Studies, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane) discusses eschatology as the key to an understanding of Paul's first epistle to the Thessalonians. His method is historical/critical but he does not neglect rhetoric or comparative theology in his analysis.
IN HIS First Epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul gives so much wise advice that I feel people of all religions and of none would gain so much by following it.

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