First Nations

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First Nation

n. Canadian
An organized aboriginal group or community, especially any of the bands officially recognized by the Canadian government.

First Nations adj.
Usage Note: First Nation is widely used in Canada as a respectful alternative to Indian, much as Native American is in the United States. However, the two terms are not exact equivalents. First Nation is essentially a political term used as a substitute for band in referring to any of the numerous aboriginal groups formally recognized by the Canadian government under the Indian Act of 1876. Unlike Native American, it is not a comprehensive ethnic term for all indigenous peoples of the Americas or even of Canada. While it is sometimes used loosely in referring to Indian groups other than those identified in the 1876 Act, it specifically does not include non-Indian peoples such as the Inuit or the Métis. · First Nation has no form for an individual who is a member of a qualifying group. Officially, such a person is known as a status Indian or in some cases a treaty Indian.

First′ Na′tions
the indigenous peoples of Canada.
Also called First′ Peo′ples.
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The CTF has shone a bright light in a dark corner of First Nations politics that is surprisingly similar to the scrutiny that Americans are now directing at the largest of Wall Street's financial giants.
Thirty thousand 30-month-old seedlings are a part of a four-year initiative with the First Nations Forestry Program, Bioxel Pharma Inc.
York University economics professor Fred Lazar believes the idea of creating financial institutions for First Nations is an approach designed to get the federal government off the hook for unpaid debts.
In addition to being legal counsel for the Fort McKay First Nation, Boughton Law was lead counsel on structuring the First Nations ETF Ltd.
All Canadians including First Nations should have access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water.
Six First Nations chiefs have been presented with a Water's Next Award, which recognizes the chiefs' work on eliminating boil water advisories in Indigenous communities as part of the Safe Water Project.
It is a pleasure to congratulate these three young pilots and we are especially proud they will be flying with a First Nations airline that brings vital air service to our remote communities," said Yesno in a news release.
This construction of Site-C will have significant negative impacts on the ability of Treaty 8 First Nations to exercise their constitutionally-protected treaty rights to harvest and to engage in various traditional activities on the land surrounding the reservoir.
Onion Lake Cree Nation is one of 11 First Nations and the only Saskatchewan First Nation to be the most recent additions to the First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act.
The number of First Nations people in Canada is on the rise and expected to increase 1.
ON DECEMBER 3RD, 2009, as public hearings on Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) opened in the Legislative Assembly, First Nations leaders in Queen's Park denounced the Crown's violation of the treaties in imposing a new tax regime without substantial input from First Nation communities.
When it comes to the safety of drinking water, residents of First Nations communities do not benefit from a comparable level of protection to that of people who live off reserves.

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