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The following list includes rather more of the other authors than can probably be studied at first hand in one college year.
These arguments appear to insinuate that the public relies on the media as a significant source of information or "knowledge" about those things with which they have little or no personal experience, or first hand knowledge.
Each novella tells a story of an experience with the virus/disease through a friend, lover, or family member or first hand.
Our lucky winner will get the opportunity to sample, first hand, the speed of a current Formula One car around Silverstone or Donington during the 1999 Grand Prix season.
His fresh approach and creative strategies are the result of a uniquely diverse background - a blend of his experiences as a practicing real estate attorney working with many of the city's most respected builders, together with his years as Office of Economic Development (OED) Commissioner in the Koch Administration, where he learned first hand how the city's real property tax policies are developed and implemented.