First-class car

any passenger car of the highest regular class, and intended for passengers who pay the highest regular rate; - distinguished from a second-class car.

See also: First-class

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Holders of first-class car insurance with 10 firms subscribing to K4K will be able to use the service.
But National Trust manager Paul Boland defended the pricey purchase and promised a "first-class car park for a first-class destination" He added: "We believe this will secure the future of a very important area of natural beauty.
There are two ways to travel on the Santa Special: coach, $20 per person (padded bench seating) or first-class car, $40 (individual plush swivel seats with cash beverage service).
"As the UK's most experienced car club, with established operations in several other cities, we are very excited at the prospect of launching a first-class car club service for residents and businesses right across the city."
He bought a first-class ticket on a state government train and wanted a seat in the first-class car, but was told there was no first-class car for blacks under Louisiana law.
On Sunday (July 13) the Cheshire motor racing circuit will be opening its doors to a host of entertainers, displays and exhibitors with first-class car racing throughout the afternoon.
'The delays have been frustrating for all concerned but we now have a first-class car park up and running for the benefit of everybody.'
About 10 computer terminals will be available for passengers to rent to use in each first-class car on the line between May and June, the ministry said.
Most of the people in the first-class car had no idea who he was.
The trains have four coaches, a first-class car and a cafe car.
Later on they will tell us how they were the first to board the first-class car on the inaugural run of El Trochita.