given name

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given name

A name given to a person at birth or at baptism, as distinguished from a surname.

given name

another term for first name

giv′en name′

the name given to one, as distinguished from an inherited family name; first name.
[1820–30, Amer.]

first name

Christian nameforenamegiven name
1. 'first name'

Your first name is the name that was given to you when you were born. Your first name comes in front of your surname.

At some point in the conversation Brian began calling Philip by his first name.
2. 'Christian name'

In British English, people sometimes use Christian name instead of first name. This use is rather old-fashioned.

Do all your students call you by your Christian name?

In American English, Christian name is not used.

3. 'forename'

On official forms, you are usually asked to write your surname and your first name or forename. Forename is only used in writing.

4. 'given name'

In American English, given name is sometimes used instead of 'first name' or 'forename'.

ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.given name - the name that precedes the surname
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
baptismal name, Christian name - the first name given to Christians at birth or christening
praenomen - the first name of a citizen of ancient Rome
الإسْم الأوَّل
křestní jménojméno
nume de naştereprenume
ilk adisim

given name

n (esp Am) → nome m di battesimo


(giv) past tense gave (geiv) : past participle ˈgiven verb
1. to cause to have. My aunt gave me a book for Christmas; Can you give me an opinion on this?
2. to produce (something). Cows give milk but horses do not; He gave a talk on his travels.
3. to yield, bend, break etc. This lock looks solid, but it will give under pressure.
4. to organize (some event etc). We're giving a party next week.
the ability to yield or bend under pressure. This chair has a lot of give in it.
ˈgiven adjective
1. stated. to do a job at a given time.
2. (with to) in the habit of (doing) something. He's given to making stupid remarks.
3. taking (something) as a fact. Given that x equals three, x plus two equals five.
given name
(American) a personal or christian name.
give and take
willingness to allow someone something in return for being allowed something oneself.
give away
1. to give etc (something) to someone (eg because one no longer wants it). I'm going to give all my money away.
2. to cause or allow (information etc) to become known usually accidentally. He gave away our hiding-place (noun ˈgive-away: the lingering smell was a give-away).
give back
to return something. She gave me back the book that she borrowed last week.
give in
1. to stop fighting and admit defeat; to yield. The soldiers were outnumbered and gave in to the enemy.
2. to hand or bring (something) to someone (often a person in authority). Do we have to give in our books at the end of the lesson?
give off
to produce. That fire is giving off a lot of smoke.
give or take
allowing for the addition or subtraction of. I weigh sixty-five kilos, give or take a little (= approximately sixty-five kilos).
give out
1. to give, usually to several people. The headmaster's wife gave out the school prizes.
2. to come to an end. My patience gave out.
3. to produce. The fire gave out a lot of heat.
give rise to
to cause. This gives rise to a large number of problems.
give up
1. to stop, abandon. I must give up smoking; They gave up the search.
2. to stop using etc. You'll have to give up cigarettes; I won't give up all my hobbies for you.
3. to hand over (eg oneself or something that one has) to someone else.
4. to devote (time etc) to doing something. He gave up all his time to gardening.
5. (often with as or for) to consider (a person, thing etc) to be. You took so long to arrive that we had almost given you up (for lost).
give way
1. to stop in order to allow eg traffic to pass. Give way to traffic coming from the right.
2. to break, collapse etc under pressure. The bridge will give way any day now.
3. to agree against one's will. I have no intention of giving way to demands like that.
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Staff don't wear name lapels because everyone's on firstname terms.
If the person who interviewed you had an email address that is firstname.
1: Patient table FIELD NAME TYPE WIDTH NULL FOREIGNKEY Firstname Char 30 No No Middlename Char 30 No No Surname Char 30 No No Date of Birth Date 20 No No Gender Char 10 No No Status Char 15 No No Disability Varchar 20 No No Address Varchar 50 No No Phone Varchar 20 No No Local_government Varchar 30 No No Country Varchar 30 No No State Varchar 30 No No Occupation Varchar 20 No No Salary_Scale Varchar 20 No No Next of kin Varchar 50 No No Start Time Date 20 No No End_Time Date 20 No No Remark Varchar 50 No No Table 2.
Alison said: "There are 163 voters who can vote here and we are on firstname terms with most of them, although there was one person who voted at the last general election and we had no idea who they were.
By about Easter, we were on firstname terms; indeed I'd now wander over to him so he could get proceedings over with and we could both get back on with chatting to our mates.
For more information please contact (email address: firstname.
Cameron, believing he's on firstname terms with him, gabs away all chummily - but the butcher just stares at the floor.
The man has not been identified but Emergency, the medical NGO he wasworking for, said he was a 50-year-old infection specialist and Italian mediadescribed him as a married father of two daughters from Sicily whose firstname is Fabrizio.
I was finally done with graduate school and the Calalang thesis that was Bien's idea (I had earned the privilege of being on a firstname basis with him).
The TV crew, who seemed to have anticipated our arrival, didn't utter a word when questioned and several locals, who were on firstname terms with the film crew, made it very clear that they wanted the Gazette's reporter and photographer to leave their street.
KIDS EAT FREE This voucher entitles the holder to one meal from the Children's or Juniors' menu when an adult main course is purchased from the main menu at Frankie & Benny's Firstname.
log" firstname="initialization" lastname="initialization" /bin/echo "LOG: $(/bin/date)" > $logfile /bin/echo >> $logfile while test 1; do ###Forever, see the break in the case statement /bin/echo >> $logfile /bin/echo "Begin Cycle: $(/bin/date) >> $logfile /bin/echo /bin/echo "Please type Linux celebs name below:" | /usr/bin/tee -a $logfile read firstname ##### NEXT STATEMENT REMOVES EXTRA CTRL+M PUT IN BY TELNET ##### ##### PROGRAMMER: MAKE SURE THE CHAR IS CTRL+M, NOT A CARAT AND AN M