vesica piscis

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vesica pis·cis

 (pī′sĭs, pĭs′ĭs)
1. A pointed oval shape formed by the intersection of the circumference of one circle with the center of another circle with an equal radius.
2. See mandorla.

[New Latin vēsīca piscis : Latin vēsīca, bladder + Latin piscis, genitive of piscis, fish (from the resemblance in shape).]
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And the kegged beers will also be suitable for vegans and vegetarians because the kegging process doesn't involve fining, which uses isinglass, or dried fish bladder.
For example, fish bladder is not acceptable to clarify wine, despite the fact that it does not remain in the wine.
But its isinglass fish bladder brewing treatment has been known to turn off vegetarians and those who enjoy a sweeter, softer taste will feel more at home with Brains' rich flavour and hint of liquorice.
Another is a fish bladder encased in a small glass bell jar, where it can be pumped up by squeezing a handle.
GUINNESS VEGANS will soon be able to enjoy a drop of the black stuff after the company decided to stop using fish bladders in its filters.
The smuggling of totoaba fish bladders (selling for up to $20,000 each) by the hundreds of pounds from Mexican waters, leaving the fish near extinction, is one of the newer depredations that feed a demand in Asian markets that is eagerly met by criminals in the United States and elsewhere.
8221; She added that during the filtering phase, distillers might use fish bladders, gelatin, and egg whites, among other vegetarian taboos.