Fish day

a day on which fish is eaten; a fast day.

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References in classic literature ?
The day before yesterday was a fish day, and they had nothing but meat."
Her general plan was to have chicken and noodles on Monday; the next day was Meatless Tuesday; another day "we specialized in bean soup; and Friday was fish day. Whatever produce was available was put to use and added to the menu from her small garden.
"When I was a kid, every Friday was fish day and you used to look forward to it," added Dee, whose real name is Deirdre Kelly.
Other upcoming courses include a Ladies Start to Fly Fish day.
Neon Lites are made with luminous materials which absorb and store light energy from direct sunlight or from an artificial light source then emit this as a bright glow…this bright glow attracts fish and sends them into a “feeding frenzy.” It's available in five brilliant colors that attract fish day or night…even in stained or muddy water.
DAY TWO Breakfast: Brown rice cereal (unsweetened puffed cereal available from health shops) - 100g - preferably dry or served with water Lunch: Plain or ham omelette and mixed salad Dinner: Pork or lamb chops with a selection of vegetables Snacks (if needed): Natural live yoghurt, vegetable crudits, hard-boiled eggs, extra meat or fish DAY THREE Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
It was a one fish day for Penarth SAC when the only catch in the club competition was the 2lb 4oz cod Chris Garner beached at Ranny Pool.
* On June 8, Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America (OPVA), in conjunction with the Detroit Ranger District, sponsored Free Fish Day.
Yasmine, of Brownsover Fish Bar, in Hollowell Way, raised pounds 3,277 for the Fishermen's Mission when she shed her locks for National Sea Fish Day, in December.
The Salmon and Trout Association has a Learn to Fly Fish day for children at Usk on Saturday, July19.
A RUGBY chippy is really feeling the cold this winter after having her head shaved for National Sea Fish Day.
Dave Bond missed the prize list, but still had a good weekend as the previous day he had fished Cantref Reservoir and used buzzers to take a six-fish bag that included one rainbow of 4.5lb The next Learn to Fly Fish day organised by the Salmon and Trout Association is for adults and will be held on the River Usk on Saturday, June 21.