Fish maw

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(Zool.) the stomach of a fish; also, the air bladder, or sound.
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The aromatic broth, made extra flavorful by plump prawns, scallops, sea cucumber and fish maw, soothes the soul with its delightful balance of flavors.
Of the kimchi and banchan (small side dishes) we sampled on the trip, those that stood out included white wood ear mushroom in a bright yellow sauce spiked with wasabi, thinly sliced dill pickles with strips of carrots and spicy red pepper, and steamed fish maw that was rich and gelatinous.
For a little more spice, the pork fried rice turmeric with crispy fish maw salad is the one to try.
Guests can expect a medley of premium ingredients such as lobster, sea cucumber, fish maw and other local seasonal produce on the menu.
Savor the massive combination of flavors of abalone, fish maw, dried scallop, prawns, sea moss, cuttlefish, roasted duck, chicken, pork knuckle, and vegetables bathed in rich broth--a cuisine definitely fit for gatherings and festivities.
Suckling Pig Cold Cuts Combination, Steamed Live Garoupa with Minced Garlic in Supreme Soy Sauce and Braised Abalone with Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce (10 heads) are some of the dishes crafted for a fine celebration.
The shark fins were intended to be illegally exported to China and Hong Kong on the pretext of exports of dried ray skins, dried marine products, fish maw to evade detection.
Originally a settlement for Hock Chew immigrants (most from the Kutien district in Fuzhou, China), Sitiawan is unsurprisingly home to Hock Chew specialties such as red wine mee sua as well as sweet and spicy fish maw soup.
The offerings comprehend not only savory seafood and tofu dishes but many a tempting soup (from the familiar hot and sour to something called crabmeat fish maw); beef, pork and chicken in a range of styles to suit any taste; and robust vegetarian selections.
NOTHING GOT our friend and minder in Hong Kong, Fred Cheung, more excited than the subject of fish maw. The rate at which he went on and on about this vital organ of a fish that keeps it afloat in water, encouraged of course by the female adulation he got for his flawless skin, it wouldn't have been hard for him to convince us that people in Hong Kong were seriously gastronomically challenged.
Maybe it's a sign that we are more willing to experiment that restaurants like Dragon-i are able to offer exotic dishes like sliced eels with black bean sauce and duck feet and fish maw with abalone sauce for us to try.